Handmade leather floggers by MyFloggers.com
Custom Leather floggers made by LovingNcMaster & Zurana

Examples of our Custom Leather Floggers

3 tone custom leather flogger made for sassy_Queen Custom rainbow finger floggers made for CIN
Custom rainbow flogger made for CIN
Custom Lambskin Flogger Made for Devoted

Our Custom leather floggers are made to suit your specific needs. If you are looking to commission a custom flogger for your toy bag this is where it starts!

Our turn around on custom floggers is generally 3-10 days depending mostly on the type of leather you want your flogger made of and if we have that leather in stock.

Custom Leather Flogger Instant Quote

Style for your custom flogger

How many Falls do you want (1/2"w 50max, 1/4"w 100max)

Fall width

Fall Length (19 is average, we've made them from 8" to 32" long)

Type of impact you are looking for

Type of Leather

Number of colors (2-3 is the most that is normally practical)

How many?

Why Choose a Custom Made Flogger vs a in Stock Flogger?

Well it comes down to getting exactly what you are looking for!
If one of our In Stock Floggers suits your needs and taste, by all means grab it!

On the other hand if you didn't see the perfect flogger, our custom made floggers are priced very similarly to our in stock floggers and our turn around time on custom floggers is generally 3-10 days vs months of many other crafters. We are lucky, making floggers and other fetish gear is how we make our living so we aren't tied down to working a normal 40 hour a week job which allows us to have much faster turn around times on custom orders.

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